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Translation Work Flow

Multi-language Translations

In addition to Japanese-English and English-Japanese translations, we also support multi-language translations.

Available Languages : French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Czech, Hungarian, Polish, Russian, Slovak, Ukrainian, Bulgarian, Croatian, Estonian, Greek, Latvian, Lithuanian, Romanian, Serbian, Turkish, Vietnamese, Thai, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Korean, Indonesian, Arabic, Brazilian Portuguese, and other languages.

Translation Reviews

By performing a full review with the support of a technical writer from the specified field, we provide translations with the sound and feel of natural Japanese.

In multi-language translations, we assign experienced native language proofreaders from the field to run double checks to achieve high quality translations.

Translations Using TRADOS

Using the computer-assisted translation software, TRADOS, with various DTP software (Word, Excel, InDesign, FrameMaker, and others), we provide high-quality translations at a low cost. The cost of manual revisions can also be lowered by creating a translation memory based on translated documents, while keeping the quality consistent. This is very effective for a product series. We can also utilize other translation softwares upon your request.

How TRADOS Works

TRADOS is not a machine translation software. It is a tool to translation efficiently. The software creates translation memories pairing the original and translated texts. The registered translation will be automatically applied to translations afterwards. This not only makes the translations efficient but also keeps consistency and quality for the translated documents. It also recognizes similar sentences — for example sentences where the nouns are the only difference. This also reduces the overall translation load.

Reducing cost with TRADOS

By using translation memories for manual revisions or translating manuals for similar products, more efficient translations can be realized and hence lead to reduced costs. At the timing of providing a cost estimate, we will also give an analysis report on translations using translation memories.

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