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Catalog Production

Catalogs are now one of the most important factors that must be considered when building a company's brand. It is crucial to consider two important aspects when creating catalogs — usability and design. In addition to creating product catalogs or company brochures, we also create leaflets, posters, packages, company logos, and other graphic designs.


There are two types of product catalogs — a general catalog and a specialized catalog related to a specific product. Both catalogs are an important marketing tool which greatly affects brand image. They are also given to clients more often than company brochures. We create both catalogs with superior design and structure — and with high searchability. We also support digitalizing catalogs and publishing them online. For high-volume catalogs, we propose a structure with extreme searchability based on our extensive knowledge in this regard.


When creating company brochures, our experienced staff will support you in planning, designing, writing, DTP editing, translating, publishing online, printing, and delivery. We can also create technical illustrations based on CAD data or photo images — depending on your needs.

Brochure Work Flow


It is crucial to maintain consistency between company brochures and websites, and to differentiate information given both publications. Company brochures should work as a tool to communicate universal information such as company management philosophies. On the other hand, a website is suitable for communicating information which changes frequently, including product and recruiting information. We manage common information between company brochures and websites as modules. Efficient communication can be realized by taking this approach.

(e.g. Package Designs)

It is obvious that products and services make up a company brand images, but visual corporate identities such as logos, symbols, and corporate colors also play a big part. By creating unique designs, you can differentiate your company from your competitors. It also has an impact internally by improving employee motivation. We coordinate designs in total, including business cards, product packages, company brochures, and websites.

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