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Converting Digital Environments

System Localization

We can perform the localization of software UI's and messages using software such as CATALYST and PASSOLO. This will reduce your cost and shorten the schedule by using these types of data processing tools.

We will meet your detailed requests such as effectiveness assessments by checking operations. In addition, you can keep consistency of the names of the product UI's and UI's in the manual by expanding UI translations to manual translations. We can also support screen capture and operation checks of manuals and software under various OS languages.


CATALYST is a software which can perform automatic updates on resource files, like NET 3.0 binary and HTML/XML files. The CATALYST software can share its memory with PUBLISHER and TRADOS. As the software can edit only the updated parts of EXE/DLL/OCX files, we can run processes fast and accurately — even in a case with no resource files.


PASSOLO features everything required for localization (menus, dialogs, icons, and others). This means there is no need to prepare a specific environment for software development or to access the original text file. Using PASSOLO leads to fast development. With PASSOLO, we work with most Windows formats including text files and formats with XML/HTML tags. PASSOLO also features an auto-test function and an interface to transition memories.

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