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Medical Device Documentation

We will support you when creating documents related to medicals device including patient manuals, medical worker manuals, appendixes, and more). We can also translate and use DTP (with medical terminologies) to label productions for safety regulations.

We support a wide range of medical fields, from consumer instruments (e.g. pshygmomanometer) to instruments which require special knowledge and care such as endoscopes and artificial hearts.

Risk Assessment on Products

We will support you by managing risks required for medical instruments. We will run risk assessments from the user's point of view, perform analyses and report the results. We can also propose improvements for manuals, labels and designs — while considering potential risks.

Regulation Conformance Assessment of Manuals

We provide a Regulation Conformance Assessment service for the medical field — considering regulations like the IEC 60601-1 series. In addition we can run assessments on manuals to determine if they conform to regulations, of a destination country, by researching and analyzing the regulations of each medical area.

Comparison Analysis with Competitors Manuals

Based on the information provided, we compare and analyze the manuals for your product and your competitor's product. Based on the analysis, you can make improvements to your manuals so that they stand out.


We provide high quality translations based on the expertise of our translators in the medical field.

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