Document House Group — JAPAN

Desktop Publishing Expertise

DTP & Illustration

Our operators, with expertise in various applications, will support your Desk Top Publishing requirements — from small brochures to high-volume manuals. We layout the pages with a universal design, considering visual characteristics, readability, and searchability. We can also perform edits considering expansion to online help libraries and mobile devices.

Various DTP Productions

We create DTP's with the latest history management of manuals. We can also create online help with the same source.

Technical Illustrations

We create illustrations for manuals — such as product exterior images, bird's-eye view, and circuit diagrams. We also have experience creating illustrations such as layout drawings.

Various CAD Productions

Using applications such as AutoCAD, Vectorworks, and iCAD, we can create and edit drawings in both 2D and 3D. We can also work with CAD data in technical materials.

Supported Files

<2D> dwg, dxf, and others
<3D> iCAD (icd), ECAD (idf, idb, emn), OBJ (obj), SketchUp (skp), STEP (stp, step), STL (stl), (x_t, x_b, xmt_txt, xmt_bin), and others

Photo Shoots and Editing

We will shoot photos required for manuals and catalogs, and run appropriate edits using software, such as Photoshop. We can use our knowledge of manual production for image publication in operation manuals by adding visual highlights to parts of the manual that you need to emphasize.

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