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Detailed Document Appraisal

Document Assessments & Diagnostics

We will carry out assessments on your documents from the user's point of view and also from the perspective of regulations and compliances. Manuals created within an individual company have a tendency to have the same index structure or format, and be written from the view point of experts. Reviewing these documents from the user's point of view gives objective assessments and will often reveal required improvements.

Manual Examination

We examine what is required to achieve the purpose of the document based on our insights to the provided manual or document. We will review the document from different angles such as text expressions, total structure including indexes, and visuals such as illustrations and layouts. As part of our service, we will propose improvements and produce a sample.

Regulation Conformance Assessment of Manuals

We perform an assessment of conformance to the regulations of each country based on the product's destination and its final market — as well as international safety standards and ISO/IEC.

Comparison Analysis with Competitors Manuals

Based on the information provided, we compare and analyze the manuals for your product and your competitor's product. Based on the analysis you can make improvements to your manuals so that they stand out.

Manual|Doc - Periodic Examination for Manuals

Manual|Doc is a unique service which evaluates manuals quantitatively and qualitatively using our Cloud-based system. We examine the manual quality and visualize the potential risks. Every item that is assessed is scored so that you can visually understand the results and changes with graphs and rankings. You can sustain the manual quality by running this examination periodically, even when revisions are currently taking place.

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