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High-Quality Manual Production

Technical Documentation

dHouse has over 30 years of experience creating award-winning product manuals, technical manuals, and operation manuals in multiple languages. In addition to manual creation, we do multi-language translations, create online help libraries, produce related PDFs, and print product labels. dHouse can also support comprehensive operational improvements beyond manual production, including digitalizing manuals, running risk assessment (based on the end-user's point of view), and verifying document effectiveness.


Easy to understand, user-friendly manuals that are designed for high searchability
Remarkably reducing engineer loads for creating manuals and documents
Shortening schedule with manual modules
Coordination of all processes from planning, designing, writing, and translating to printing and delivery
Creation of technical illustrations from CAD data or photo images
Documents with English text are done with the support of expert writers and native English speaking staff
Effectively use existing manuals (for translations and DTP edits)
Manuals made specifically for Engineers, including installation, maintenance, and reference manuals
Utilizing FAQ information, searchability reduces technical support and training costs
Creation of online manuals (HTML Help, Web Help, etc.) utilizing WebWorks Publisher and RoboHelp
Improved customer satisfaction by joint user interface and GUI design, right from the development phase
Ability to provide support for individual components, including compilation or desktop publishing
Comprehensive research on compliances and regulations with on-site interviews
Improving the manual quality with concrete writing standards

Documentation Work Flow


Manuals are not only stand-alone documents, which give users correct instructions, but they are an intergral part of the accompanying product. High quality manuals provide significantly higher value to each product. From the very beginning of the planning phase, dHouse runs analysis on existing documents (e.g. specifications, etc.) while considering compliance requirements and regulations. Based on that analysis, dHouse will propose, if necessary, an appropriate structure for the manual.

dHouse also carries out assessments, from the user's point of view, related to risk assessments. We also differentiate between common and unique information by modularizing them in an appropriate way (e.g. by chapters or sections), especially when there are several similar products in the product lineup. dHouse achieves significant cost reductions by combining these modules when creating manuals for a new product.


dHouse creates easy to understand operation manuals integrating visuals such as operation flow charts, symbols and icons. These documents can also be utilized as materials for internal trainings. We will also support you not only in the creation of operation flows, but also in the review of the operations in order to discover risks by evaluating current operation processes. We will propose operation manuals specialized to your systems.


To provide consistent services. You can provide consistent services as you will be able to unify the operations and not rely on the operator's skill.

To review current operations. You can review operations by analyzing current operation process when creating operation manuals. At the stage of process analysis, you can discover risks within operations in addition to improving the efficiency.

To construct a system to share knowledge. You can record and share knowledge between employees by visualizing them in operation manuals.

Utilizing them for the training for new employees. By utilizing operation manuals for the training for new employees, you can lower the training cost and shorten the training period.

To define rights and responsibilities. You can improve operations and service quality by utilizing operation manuals as it will define each employee's rights and responsibilities.

Manual Assessment Service

dHouse can compare and analyze the manuals for your product with the manuals of your competitors. Based on this analysis, it will be possible to improve your manuals and make them stand out.

We can also evaluate and propose improvements to your manuals with our internally-developed system, "MANUAL|DOC", which provides answers to the following:

Is the manual structured in a way that makes it searchable?
Is the information given satisfactory?
Are the expressions appropriate?
Are the visual images easy to understand?
Does the manual comply with regulations?
Is personal knowledge shared efficiently?

Full Compliance Support

dHouse supports compliances, for destination countries, in relation to product liability law — conforming to ANSI, CE markings, SEMI regulations, and others — with the support of legal experts. When requested, dHouse can also run a risk assessments of your product by evaluating the manual.

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