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Professional Services

It is crucial in this world of globalization to have superiority against competitors. But it is also important to have a clear picture of what to focus on and how to balance out within that superiority. This can be achieved by flexibly integrating specialties which we call comprehensive solutions.

Our services focus on the 15 specialties below, which we think are crucial. They work as a safety net to each other. You can choose any combination and we will be happy to provide service to you in either English or Japanese.

Technical Translation

We will translate large volumes in multiple languages with speed and accuracy in any technical field from medical device to photovoltaic systems, contracts, patents, ... more

Technical Documentation

We have over 30 years of experience creating award-winning product manuals, technical manuals, and operation manuals in many languages.  more

Catalog Production

The professional publication of catalogs is now one of the most important factors to be considered when building a company's brand. Thus it is crucial to create catalogs when considering — usability and design.  more

DTP & Illustration

Operators, with expertise in various applications, will support you for the editing of documents from small brochures to high-volume manuals.  more

Medical Device Documentation

We will support you with the creation of documents related to medicals device — including patient manuals, medical worker manuals, and appendixes).  more


We can perform localization of software UI's and messages using software such as CATALYST and PASSOLO. We can reduce your cost and shorten the schedule by using these tools.  more

Compliance Consulting

We will perform risk assessments of your products and evaluate their conformance to safety standards and regulations.  more

e-Learning Tool Production

We will develop e-learning tools from planning, story proposal, localization, video shooting, and captions addition for tablet and smartphone support.  more

Website Design

A well-built, well-designed website will create new business for your company. We will develop a sophisticated website based on your needs.  more

Video Production

We will support video production that targets the end users — including engineers and technical staff. Maintenance efficiency will increase by using videos that reduces engineering time and costs. We support mp3, Flash, and more.  more

Mobile App Manuals

We can develop your product manual into an ''app'' for your mobile devices which includes text, video content and more.  more

Japan Market Entry Support

From signing contracts with partner corporations to promoting products or services with new customers, we will support international companies entering the Japanese market.  more

Risk Management Support

Utilizing our unique business model and our patented risk assessment system ''i-CRAS'', we will fully support you in risk management.  more

OS Effectiveness Testing

We will run software testing and effectiveness testing of documents in various OS environments (Windows, Android, and iOS). We can perform tests on different versions in each language.  more

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