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e-Learning Tool Production

We develop e-learning tools from planning, story proposal, localization, video shooting, caption addition — for mobile devices including tablets and smartphones. Feel free to contact us regarding budget and schedule as well. Below is an illustration of a typical work flow for the e-learning production process — from interview to completion.

e-Learning Work Flow

Captivate Contents

CAPTIVATE is a software which records the work process by capturing the subject software. It enables the process of creating content that is related to learning how to operate the software. CAPTIVATE can also export .swf files which add multi-language narrations and captions. The software imports PowerPoint data and creates media-rich content by adding Flash animations and videos. CAPTIVATE can create interactive contents such as quizzes and is an optimal tool for e-learning production.

Articulate Contents

ARTICULATE is a software which is specialized for creating interactive e-learning content. With its abundant templates and materials, it enables the creation of various e-learning content — placing videos and sounds, quizzes, and many more. ARTICULATE also supports the exportation of data, including Flash, HTML 5, and iOS supported formats — making it available for various devices. The software also supports SCORM. It makes the registration to each LMS fast and easy with the data exported in a SCORM setting.

Animation Contents

We create rich animation content with videos and narration using Power Point, Flash, CAPTIVATE, and other tools which best suit your needs. We also add multi-language captions to existing videos.

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